To Satisfy yourself with our Services, Specially Fast Boat Company Departure From Padang Bai To Gili/Lombok
Please Follow These Instructions Carefully:

  • Please always update and contacting us immediately when you have trouble
  • Pick Up service by selected area should be ready on time due to of sharing shuttle.
  • When check in at the port Padang Bai, please make sure that you get the real ticket From Company
  • For passengers who have return ticket to Bali, the ticket should be kept properly. Otherwise, you should buy the new ticket if you can not present it to the staff when check in at office Gili/Lombok. Because both online or offline confirmations are not valid for passengers who have received the real return ticket from company when departure from Bali.
  • For Open Date Ticket should be reconfirmed 2 days before.
  • Check in 1 hour before departure at office, please  asking the shuttle ticket based on where area you need to be dropped off in Bali as long as the area of free shuttle.
  • Arriving in Padang Bai port from Gili/Lombok, please go directly to the Office by showing the shuttle ticket to the right staff. Ignore taxi drivers who will try selling service by giving wrong information as long as you need our free shuttle. We do not take any responsibility if you take private taxi. This can be uncomfortable situation for some passengers, but unfortunately all companies unable to prohibit local driver from coming on the jetty in this manner.
  • For passengers who have connecting FLIGHT should be return 1 day before. we do not take any responsibility for missing the Flight due to of bad weather, delay and technical error.
  • we do not take any responsibility for loosing or damaging the goods, Please always check and take care your belongings.
  • For updating information or urgency assistant please contact us immediately Through our WhatsApp Number +6285237242423 & +6282146511623