Mushroom Bay Nusa Lembongan


  • Description

A little further south of Bali, there is a hidden paradise called Mushroom Bay. Mushroom Beach is located in Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida District. Mushroom Bay is a pier area that is a place for passengers to dock.

Mushroom Bay Beach has beautiful natural views. The stretch of white sand is bordered by cliffs and surrounded by villas and hotels, adding to its own charm. You can do various activities at Mushroom Bay, ranging from playing in sea water, swimming, diving, snorkeling, trying to play canoe or just sitting on the beach.

Mushroom Bay is also known to have stunning underwater scenery such as the diversity of marine life. You have to witness this directly by diving under the sea using equipment for snorkeling or scuba diving.

  • Location

The location of Mushroom Bay is part of the Nusa Penida District, Klungkung Regency, where this area has become a destination for many tourists to enjoy holidays.

  • Route to Mushroom Bay

Mushroom Bay is on the island of Nusa Lembongan, and there is no bridge that connects to the island of Bali with Nusa Lembongan. So the best way to get to Mushroom Bay is by boat or boat. The following is the route to Mushroom Bay:

  • Facility

– Hotel

– Restaurant

– Rent a motorbike/scooter

– Harbor

– Water Sports Activities

– Toilet