Kusamba Bali

Apart from Sanur with a fast boat (speed boat) there is a Padang Bai pier with a Roro ship then also from Kusamba beach, along the Kusamba coast there are 4 traditional ports including Tribuana Port, Banjar Bias port, Segara and Kampung

And what will be explained here is the port of Kusamba. Tribuana Pier (Kusamba) Klungkung itself has an important function, as the entrance to the island of Nusa Penida, the traditional port in addition to providing crossings by speed boat as well as traditional boats with cheaper ticket prices, so that residents get a variety of varied transportation alternatives.

Kusamba Beach where the Tribuana port is located is a beach that is quite famous on the island of the Gods Bali, not because it is a popular tourist destination such as Kuta beach, but apart from being a ferry port which is one of the entrances to Nusa Penida as well as a fish market.

In the Kusamba beach area in Klungkung district, you can buy fresh fish such as tuna, slengseng and Cekalang as well as traditional salt farmers who still survive today. Even Kusamba beach is also an ideal place for recreation to fill a weekend getaway with the family.

The Tribuana Port, which is located on the Kusamba beach, is the destination for ships or fast boats to Mentigi port in Nusa Penida, there is also a port that serves the Nusa Lembongan route, namely the port from Banjar bias. A fairly popular mode of transportation from Tribuana port is the traditional canoe or boat

From the Tribuana port on the coast of KusambaKlungkung Bali, there is also a speed boat service by providing a pontoon (floating dock) which serves as a transit for passengers, where ship passengers, boarding from the beach, use a jukung to the pontoon which is about 30 meters away, a bridge to ride to thejukung has also been provided.

Thus, the passenger’s feet do not need to be wet, after arriving at the pontoon, the new passenger takes a fast boat (speed boat), scheduled departure or trip to the island of Nusa Penida, at 07.00, 08.00 and 14.30 local time, the travel time from the port of Tribuana Bali to Nusa Penida is around 30-45 hours. 40 minutes depending on the weather. One of the speed boat providers that serve crossings from here is Gangga Express.